Several ways to play bubble soccer game

Bubble soccer has gaining more and more popularity from around the world. Even some traditional soccer fans are open to bubble soccer game, which shows how attractive and tempting it can be. For someone who doesn’t know what bubble soccer is, here’s the simple explanation. Bubble soccer is huge inflated bubble ball which allows player to be inside with only legs sticking out. While the upper body and head is covered and protected by the bubble soccer which is safe and designed to absorb the impact from the bumping when fighting against the possession of traditional soccer. It is a fun sport since it allows players to dazzle their partners without getting bumped.

Many people are wondering how to play in a fun way. Well, that’s my intention today, to tell you several ways to play it. It is pretty simple, unlike the traditional one having so many rules. For bubble soccer, you just score as much as you can. Comparing to the traditional soccer, bubble soccer game is not limited to only outdoor, indoor playground also works for it. And there is a referee involved too. Therefore, you just need to find the location, a referee, players and last but not the least, bubble soccer suit. And you’ve got everything covered and good to go. Below are the detail info of several rules of bubble soccer game.

GAME ONE. It has no teams. Players are formed inside a designated circle. And they are ready to play against each other. Once the referee whistles, the only target is to wipe out all player but yourself by knocking down or bumping them out of the circle. And players who have been out of circle may never going back to the game. Player who have been left in the final will be the king or queen of the circle.

super-deal-10pcs-1-5m-clear-pvc-bubble-football-1-free-pump-bb7GAME TWO. There are two teams which faces each other. And the solely target is to knock down every single one of the opponents. Player would be eliminated and has to go back to one of the four corners of the field, once he or she touches the ground in their bubble. Before whistling, the referee will decide where the starting line is between two teams. And more players standing means more points the winning team will be getting.

GAME THREE. Before the game starts, a general of each team must be elected while two teams are facing against each other. For clear identification, the two general need to wear a bib. The solely goal two teams competing with is to knocking down the general of the opposing team after the whistling from the referee. Unlike the general, other players is allowed to be knocked down and get up without being convicted from the game.

GAME FOUR. There are two teams with no more than five players each. And at least one female is strongly required in each team. For safety concerned, every half an hour, the referee needs to check out the bubble suit is normal or not. The match lasts two equal halves of 12 minutes. When the whole of the ball passing over the goal line means scoring. And who scores the most during a match will be the winner. If the ball goes out of the bounds, referee will whistle for stopping the game and roll a second ball for players.

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There are many ways to play bubble soccer game, but not enough time to list them all out. And the above suggestion will be good enough for enthusiasts play for a long time. Hope you enjoy the bubble soccer game!

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