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Today, I want to try zorbing ball myself. It would be really excited and a little afraid, since I am going to roll down the hill inside the zorbing ball. Maybe some of you maybe confuse about what I am going to do and whatever the zorbing ball is. Well, zorbing ball is a sport of rolling down a hill or grass place inside a giant and transparent inflatable ball. It’s great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorbing Ramp. Zorb Ball is also called Hill Ball, Inflatable grass plot ball, Inflatable roller ball, land ball, Inflatable human hamster ball, giant inflatable human hamster ball, Zorb Balls are very popular between children and adults for sporting and recreation. Considering the potential risk, as a newbie to zorbing ball playing, I decide to sign up in the zorbing club which is professional camp for zorbing ball enthusiasts. The staff told me that there is no need to worry about the potential danger, since I am inside the zorbing ball and is protected by thick air cushion. And the hill path that I roll down is specially cleared out any sharp object or obstacle and there will be our staff waiting down the downhill and always be ready for any assistance.

Before I share some details of my experience, I need to show you some interesting history or fact about zorbing ball. Hundreds of bright-coloured strings in a giant, transparent ball and you can roll down a hill in it protected by thick air cushion. No wonder that the Zorbing globe has inspired numerous film makers and creative minds. The ball first appeared in a movie in 1983. Apocalypse Snow is a series of short films by Didier Lafond. The Zorbing ball scene starts at 5.30 – the sphere used for the filming is bigger than standard balls, its diameter is at least 4 metres. It is hard to tell if there is a stunt or a dummy inside the globe when it runs down very fast on a steep and rocky winter Alpine mountain. If it was a flesh and blood person, it must have hurt. A very similar ball appears in Jackie Chan’s Armour of God – Operation Condor filmed in 1991. Funny when the movie star pulls out the deflated ball from his backpack – a ball of that size weighs around 150 kilos and it is more than 1,5 cubic metres in volume, even before inflation. The ball scene is really extreme – after hitting a number of native tribesmen, Jackie Chan (or supposedly a dummy) rides down an almost vertical decline and arrives feeling quite dizzy. Around 2010 Zorbing showed up again in commercials and music videos. A ball features in “Halfway Gone” by Lifehouse. Nivea chose to promote their new deo series by giant balls rolling in urban environment.

free-shippign-funny-colorful-night-light-zorb-balls-party-night-zorbing-for-event-bd4Now I am ready to go. First, I dive head-first into an inflatable plastic ball that’s suspended within a larger inflatable plastic ball. Next, about an inch of water is added into the inner ball with you. Then, you are pushed down a large hill. Sounded ridiculous and dangerous but excited, right? Actually, it’s just another New Zealand-born adventure sport, also known as zorbing. I first heard of zorbing about a decade ago, while watching an episode of “The Amazing Race,” in which the contestants had to go zorbing in Rotorua, New Zealand. After watching teams roll and bounce their way down a hill, I decided I needed to add zorbing to my list of must-dos when I have a chance to visit New Zealand.

First, you choose one of two options: Zydro (where you slip and slide down the hill with water in your zorb) or Zorbit (where you are strapped into the zorb so you go tumbling head over heels down the hill). Then you get into the giant hamster-ball-looking contraption (I dove in). When you reach the bottom of the hill, enthusiastic staff maneuver your zorb so that you can slide out the opening.

One sentence to summarize my feeling of playing zorbing ball would be super fun and something you do not want to miss in your whole life.


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