Little fact about water walking ball

Water walking ball goes way back. In 1971, water walking ball made one of the first appearance in the film Diamonds Are Forever and in the Beach Boys music video, Getcha Back. And Charles Blane Jones designed the first water walking ball for public distribution in 1998.

Water walking ball is a pretty large but customizable for both kids and adults, and an inflated sphere that allows player walk inside it and use it as a transportation or equipment to walk around the surface of water. Most of the water walking balls are made from polyvinyl chloride(PVC) 0.6-0.7 thick. While thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) are the best material for usage in cold weather or on snow. Some water walking balls are even made from a mixture of PVC and TPU. Well, the expensive one is obviously 100% made from pure TPU. Normally, water walking ball is weight about 15 kilograms, and be able to inflated in a few minutes with a nice electric pump.

For size, water walking ball is often 2 meters in diameter. For design, water walking ball is a big ball with a zipper on the surface for easy entrance and exit for player. Similar to the zorb, water walking ball possesses only one layer and is only for water surface rolling instead of down hill rolling. Some of the water walking ball has hand grips on the inside or outside for player to grab on, which offers more safety sense for beginner.

colored-ribbon-inflatable-water-walking-ball-038Nowadays, water walking ball is widely used. For some countries, water walking ball is often used in swimming pool for children’s exercise to loose weight or entertainment. No doubt, there is no 100% safety guarantee for any sport or entertainment equipment. People need to face it with the right attitude instead of skeptical feeling to refuse anything so that danger would not occur. That’s definitely not possible. Of course, there will be some certain level of danger of water walking ball. there might be some instances of fainting or crashing onto hard surfaces while inside the ball. To avoid any of these, parents or player partner need to pay more attention. First, play by the water walking ball instruction, we do not recommend any free play for beginner. Second, If player is extremely scared or nervous before walking into the ball, he or she need to be calmed down first and go through the walking ball play instruction one more time. Third, please make sure that the water walking ball you buy from a legit buyer who sell high quality products. We do not want to see any incident of surface fracture of water walking ball while playing on the water. Forth, there will be limited air inside the water walking ball, that’s why player should never play without time concept, parents or supervisor should warn them after a certain time to relax for a few minutes before playing it once again. There are rules of water walking ball playing, and players should always remember that and always play by it. Some may say there won’t be any problem if we just do not play it. Well, it is true, but if that so, there won’t be anything good left for us to play, anything has certain degree of danger. Bottom line is people need to play by rules with relaxed but controlled attitude.

Water walking ball has great fun, you can feel it unless experience it yourself. Try to play it with the right attitude and ways.

Inflatable Water Walking Ball for water party

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