Grab the last tail of Summer

Lately, I had been addictive to a game. It is game called eliminating stars, which requires a few brain work and is, to be honest, boring. Still, I was crazy about it and played every time I had time or I used my work time to play it. Even worse, I dreamt about playing it. Obviously, this mobile game was ruining my normal and healthy life. I did not realize the real harm come from that game until I felt dizzy and my eyes was seeing blurred vision, I knew I had to change unless I still wanted to be healthy and got my eyes intact. It got to go! I remembered I felt I was killed inside when I deleted that eliminating stars game. I still felt depressed and did not know what my life purpose was. I felt lost until I searched on the Internet and found out the perfect solution. One picture popped into my sight. It was a picture of people playing water games. I remembered I used to love playing games with water.

There were lots of water game choices for me to choose.

Chicken fight – Two person teams: one team member sitting on the shoulders of his or her teammate or riding piggy-back. The object of the game is to knock-down or separate an opposing team through a team effort.

Fish out of Water – One swimmer must be picked as the game’s searcher. This swimmer must close his or her eyes when surfacing from under the water, but, at the same time, he or she is allowed to open the eyes when under the water. The purpose of the game is to catch another swimmer when the other swimmer is out of the pool. When a player suspects another of being out of the pool, they exclaim: “Fish out of water!” Then, the swimmer who got caught must become the next searcher.

commercial-bouncy-castle-for-sale-fd8Gator – One person is chosen to be the first Gator, and treads water on one side of the playing area. The remaining players stand on the pool deck on the side opposite the Gator. These players are prohibited to enter the water until the Gator says the word “gator”. Once the word has been said, the players are free to enter the water whenever they wish. Once they enter the water, they must swim to the other side. If the Gator touches (more commonly “tags”) any part of the player’s body before he touches the other side, he is caught. After all players have crossed to the other side safely or have been caught by the Gator, the round is over. The free players get out of the water and the Gator and whomever he caught swim to the opposite side of the playing area.

Marco Polo – One player is chosen as “It”. This player closes their eyes so they can’t see and tries to tag the other players. The player who is “It” shouts out “Marco” and the other players must respond by shouting “Polo”, which “It” uses to try to acoustically locate them. If a player is tagged, then that player becomes “It”.

Inflatable water slide is a type of slide designed for warm-weather or indoor recreational use at water parks. Inflatable water slides differ in their riding method and therefore size. Some slides require riders to sit directly on the slide, or on a raft or tube designed to be used with the slide.

I was fascinated by the last option which brought me back to my happy childhood memory. I remembered my family had a lot of great laugh playing water slide. At that time, I was craved for love to comfort my broken heart. Besides, a small inflatable water slide was totally fit for my small back yard. Hope it would bring me back to life!

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