Drive away your depression with inflatable banana boat

I have been quite depressed lately, and too stressful to dream a lot at night so that I feel more tired and upset. It is a vicious circle. Recently, I have come to realize that life is really a ruthless bitch who always make people feel miserable about themselves. All my depression comes from my unsuccessful job. This year, I finally gain the love of my life I used to dream about, but life seems to like to make me suffer and refuses to let me have it all.
This year, my career has a few setbacks, nothing is going well in my career. I fail to get my job done, unlike the old days, I used to be good at my job, but not this year. I changed two jobs, the first one is real failure and I am not going to explain too much about it. I really like to hang onto my second job which is really holding a good future for me only if I are capable of passing the probation. Even though I have a few years’ experience of what I do, I seem to fail to do it well. I begin to doubt myself and question my so called experience and technique. I seem to loose patience which is the most important quality of this job. The hunger of hanging onto this job makes me feel more anxious, since I do not do so well so far.
What’s worst, I began to lose temper easily toward my love ones, especially my lover, which is the last thing I want it happen. Depression keeps making thing worst, not only my relationship, but also my career. Depression did not do good to my job, instead, it made it worse. In a nutshell, nothing is good going on lately. Still, lucky for me, I have a patient and clever lover, who insisted me to go out and do some excited thing to relax my nerve, in order to clear my mind and have a fresh start with my work. I feel reluctant and have to admit that he is right. this weekend he told me that he wanted to surprise me with something.
super-deal-5-red-flower-5-blue-flower-1-5m-bubble-soccer-ball-for-team-game-1-free-pump-c30That day, he took me out to the beach. At that time, I still felt hopeless about anything. Then he brought me to the seaside with so many inflated boat. And he told me that we were going to enjoy the inflatable banana boat trip. What the hell is inflatable banana boat? But I do see the resemblance. They do look like a huge banana. He told me that A banana boat (or water sled), is an unpowered, inflatable recreational boat meant for towing. Different models usually accommodate three to ten riders sitting on a larger, main tube and resting their feet on two laterally flanking tubes which stabilize the boat. The main tube is often yellow and banana-shaped. Some models have two main tubes. I was still half doubt about it. But when I got on board and started the game, I could understand why my love highly recommended it for me. When I was pulled by a power boat, I could feel the speed, wind kept sweeping me and the boat kept bumping on the water. And if fast enough, our banana boat would fly away from the sea. At that time, I could not think of anything but to focus on and enjoy the game. I was so excited that I forgot everything which depressed me.
This inflatable banana boat game not only offers me the best sensation, but also tells me that life has so many wonderful things. If you have the optimistic attitude, you will find the best of it and enjoy it. My depression is not completely gone actually, but I do know that instead of being upset, I should try my best to do it and try to enjoy it.

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