Detailed introduction of several water games

What’s the most favorite sport in summer? The answer would definitely be water sports, or just soaking in the water. What kind of sports are very popular besides surfing or boating? For the past few years, water games with inflatable equipment have gained lots of popularity and become more and more well-known. And today, there will be some detailed introduction of several most influenced water games.

  1. Water walking ball

Water walking ball is a huge inflated ball which allows player to go inside the ball and walk on water freely. Sounds wonderful, right? water walking ball is made of PVC OR TPU, which is very durable and portable and perfect for small space storage. And it is usually two meters in diameter and has a zippered entrance for player come and go. Similar to the zorb, water walking ball has only one layer and is for water walking instead of rolling down the hill. If you have been fantasizing walking on the water, water walking would be a great choice to achieve your goal. Of course, water walking ball has its certain precautions. After all, it is mostly sealed and limited air, which requires players control their time of water walking ball playing. But nothing is completely safe, only if we pay attention, there will be nothing dangerous happen.

  1. Water roller zorbing ball

Very similar to water walking ball, water roller has the function which is walking on the water. The very difference is that instead of being mostly sealed, water roller has a hollow in the middle of the roller. Unlike water walking ball, there will be plenty of air for water roller. But it also means that players can be easily fall on the water and to prevent that, players should pay a lot of attention while playing.

  1. Swimming in an inflatable pool

beautiful-color-inflatable-water-walking-ball-for-party-water-ball-for-sale-5a6People who own their own swimming pool in their backyard can swim as many as they want. Or people who do not own their swimming pool to to swimming facility to enjoy swimming, which also means there will be crowded and plenty of germs. With poor budget. Inflatable swimming pool would be perfect, which is cheaper, lighter and easier to store. After a few minutes to set it up, you are good to go.

  1. Water blob

Water blob is a very excited game for adventurers to try it out. It is an outdoor activity which requires one player to sit on the one end side of the blobbing with the other player jumping on the other side of the blob. And the guy sitting on the end side of the blobbing might be bounced into the water, which means life jacket is needed for safety concern. In the meantime, there will a ladder needed for players jumping from the high ground and perform some tricks while jumping on the air.

  1. Inflatable flying fish

Inflatable flying fish is also well known as inflatable banana boat, simply because it looks very like the banana. Inflatable banana boat is inflated boat shaped like a banana for players sitting on it and being towed by a fast speed water motorcycle. Of course there will be some handrails for player to hold on, but they won’t work because there will be a strong force while playing, and it is very easy for players to fail to grab it tightly and fall into the sea. And sometime the moving speed is so fast, the boat will be flying on the air. Crazy, right?

You must find at least one water game you love according to the above introductions. Promise me you will try one out!

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