Come play bubble football with us!

Recently, many friends or colleagues were talking about a new sport. At first, I did not pay any attention to it. But they kept talking about it all the time with exciting voice and exaggerate gesture, which finally caught my attention and made me felt intrigued to find out what that amazing sport really was. Normally I did not get involved in conversations like that, but I couldn’t help but forcing myself into it to get what I wanted.

It turned out that it was called bubble football. Bubble football or bubble soccer is the recreation or sport of playing football whilst encased in an inflated torus, similar to a zorb, which covers the player’s upper-body and head with only legs sticking out. The game is usually played indoors in a sports hall, or outdoors on grass. The sport is becoming increasingly popular, with many people all over the world taking it up. Bubble soccer can be played by anyone over the age of 10 and is often played amongst friends, for corporate team building days, stag parties, bachelor parties, and birthdays. There are also many variations of bubble football, with scenarios such as bubble bowling or bubble sumo also taking place at bubble soccer venues. Some venues can be rented-out, and bubble football companies exist which set up events at other locations.

free-shipping-1-5m-bubble-soccer-ball-bumper-balls-human-bumper-ball-bubble-ball-blue-flower-208In order to know bubble football better, I googled some videos of people playing bubble football game. Some of them were just relaxed, fooling around, some of them were intense. But in a nutshell, bubble football was an exciting game, and it was pretty according with wishes to add rules or not. People were wearing the bubble football suit bumping against each other, since the suit was pretty huge and players could get too close to each other, otherwise there would be some serious bumping. Bumping into each other was not the only fun to get, fighting against the possession of football was the real charm.

I was completely attracted to bubble football game and decided to organize one game on my own with my friends. Some of my friends who are football enthusiasts were doubting what I was going to do, and they refused to see it as a normal sport and called it an insult to the real sport, football. But they soon changed their minds after they watched the videos I gave them. They thought it very inventive and it was deserved to give a shot. This weekend, we managed to get all bubble football suits we need from the internet seller and we were good to go. We divided our friends into two teams for competition. Omitted to the details of the game, I remembered we had a blast. We laughed hard, played hard and bumped into each other way too hard. But none of us was getting hurt, well, maybe a little dizzy after being bumped, but soon recovered. And I kind of forgot who won, but it did not really matter, right? what matters is we all have fun and have the perfect chance to get to know this fantastic sport. In general, we love it. It not only offers us fun, but also brings us the joy of exercising. We highly recommend you to try it out yourself. You will love it, I am sure about that.

Time to get to know bubble football

When it comes to bubble football, there will be a few people do not even know what that is. People may be confused about the name, football they get it, but what is bubble football. Now is scientific Q&A time, bubble football has different names including bubble soccer, bumper ball, loopy ball, etc. To put it in a general term, bubble football is similar to regular football, except the player has to be encased in a slightly heavy and plastic bubble which is weight 25-30 pound and made from PVC or something like that. Bubble football is not only slightly heavy but also huge. But both children and adults are allowed to play with it.
free-shipping-5-blue-dot-5-red-dot-1-5m-dia-pvc-bubble-soccer-for-team-play-1-free-pump-dcbWell, let’s cut to the chase. To be honest, I am not a sport kind of girl. But my boyfriend is, who is crazy about football and play football every week with his friends. As his girlfriend, I do not want to be left out. I want to be in his circle. And when I searched some interesting facts about football, the words “bubble football” really caught my attention. Is it another kind of football, I wondered. When I clicked into the website, a video was showing the whole scene of bubble football playing. There were two teams which each had 6 players. And it seemed to me that there were no goalies at all for me. They were smashing into each other’s bubble and maybe sometimes they seemed to fight against for the football. But from the video, they were just bumping. I was intrigued. I searched more for further information. According to the Internet, bubble football is an inflated huge ball which allows people to get inside the ball and to wear it bumping into others. The bubble covers the upper body and head with only legs sticking out for running. And I assume that the design is for lowering the possibility of danger while bumping and increasing and creating the new definition of fun. Unlike regular football, hitting other players is not only allowed, but also encouraged, for the bumping is the foundation and crucial part of bubble football fun.When I introduced bubble football to my boyfriend who is always skeptical, he found it hard to believe that that kind of sport would bring any fun at all. But for the sake of his girlfriend, well, he had to try it. The bubble football is not very heavy, but pretty easy to carry. After a few minutes, the bubble is fully inflated. Following the online instruction, it was quite easy to get ready and have a “fight” with my boyfriend. No doubt, I aggressively made the first move and bumped into his bubble. Well, people who had played bubble football could imagine what really happened. I was bounced back and rolled around for a few minutes, since my boyfriend is pretty strong even though he was not ready for my attack. But he just staggered a few after being bumped. When he saw I was being bounced back and rolling, he just could not stop laughing at me. I felt humiliated and attacked again. Well, you could imagine what happened next…

That day, my boyfriend was crazy about both football and bubble football, for they are not the same thing and possesses different definition of fun. And we figure more people playing brings more fun. It’s time to get a team for it. According to my experience, bubble football is very new and interesting sport. It would be total waste if people don’t get to know it. Well, it’s time for more people to play bubble football for fun.