Best birthday gift ever!

As a poor born child, I had never had a birthday party in my whole life. And I had never ever dreamt about it, since I or my family would not afford one or no one was that good to me to throw a party for me. For that, I had dreamt about how I being rich and eating anything I want or buying anything I want, but never about anyone doing that good to me.

But life likes to surprise normal people. When I had no one good to hope for, fate fell upon me, I met someone. Someone who always puts me in the first place, someone who always be there for me, and someone who still loves me the way I am. What have I done to deserve someone so perfect? I expect no more when I have him. But he constantly surprises me in a very sweet way with all kinds of little gifts. It does not mean I love to receive gifts but the effort to try to make me happy all the time. I feel strongly loved.

Fate seems to love to offer its blessing for me as if to make up things I failed to experience. My birthday was coming up and I knew he would surprise me somehow but just did not how. I thought it would be something small but sweet dinner for just two of us. But when I got home from work. I was being startled by a bunch of people yelling ‘surprise’ when I opened the door, which was exactly like the movie. Oh my god, which was the only words in my mind. And he came out of the crowd and free-shipping-1-5m-inflatable-ball-suit-bubble-soccer-suit-bubble-football-suit-loopy-ball-blue-dot-402asked if I was happy. I was so surprised that I couldn’t speak, but I knew deep inside I loved it. Soon, I recovered and looked around seriously. There was lots of food and drinks, my friends dressing formal and speaking to each other or dancing to the lovely music. When I was slow dancing with he, he whispered to me that he had another surprise for me. I thought what’s better than that. I finally enjoyed a birthday party that I would never dreamed for. He brought me out to the backyard with my eyes blindfold. When he removed his hands, I saw an inflatable bouncing house. An inflatable bouncing house! I was stunned by what I saw. How did he know I always wanted it deep inside my heart? Even for me, I forgot it for a while. He said that he figured it out when we were having a date while passing the park with so many kids bouncing up and down on the bouncing house. The moment he saw my face he knew. I could not explain why I want it so much, maybe bouncing house represents the happy childhood I had missed. When I bouncing on the inflatable bouncer, I felt the innocence I had lost. It was joy, it was happy life, it was the exact thing I long for for a long time.

And that day, I felt completed, because of him and of course, the inflatable bouncer. I am grateful about what I have. And I am most certain that I will play the bouncing house all over again to remind me that I can be so damn happy as anybody else.

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