Be cool in this summer

I believe global warming is getting worse, this summer is really too hot to bear. Normally, I would never turn on my air conditioner unless it is too hot to live with. Some of you might be wondering why I do that, it is simply because of the concern of health and I use fan as a substitute. But this summer really surprises me. How hot is that? Well, for me, I can’t live without the air conditioner this summer. And I am that kind of person who can’t stand with the intensive heat and rather die for coldness instead of intensive heat. Heat is really easy to make me cranky, so I refuse to go out often during the day time. Well, the way I am living for this summer is definitely not healthy at all. The worst thing is my kid ends up like me.

free-shipping-buy-8-8m-round-inflatable-water-pool-games-130One day, she went out and visited her friends and came home she heard the extremely happy laughter coming from the street. She was curious and wondering why would someone be that happy under such temperature condition. She saw a bunch of kids playing water game in a huge inflatable pool, everyone seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. And there was a long time for her to play some enjoyable game. She was really stimulated by them. She hurried back home and told me everything. These days, I was thinking some workable ways to get rid of life like that. My kid’s words really flipped me. Water game is really a good way to change our life condition. We do not need to stay at home and do nothing if we have an inflatable swimming pool like that. And my kid always wants to learn how to swim. The more I thought about it, more fun I could image. Before I understand everything about it, I refused to promise my kid right away. since I am no rich at all, I needed to know whether I was able to afford it. Well, after I did some research on the Internet, I found that inflatable swimming pool is really economical for someone who is not rich, like me. Well, I certainly can not afford a regular and fancy swimming pool, but I do afford an inflatable swimming pool. And best things of the inflatable swimming pool are space saving and easy storage and durability. And it is pretty easy to set up everything. After a few minutes with the electric air pump and water pouring from the pipe, everything is ready for you to enjoy water game.

My kid was really excited after we received the package and demanded to try it right away. well, what can I say? I think the inflatable swimming pool worth every penny I spend on it. It is quite huge enough for me to teach my kid how to swim. Soaking in the water is really cool, even under the intensive heat. For a while, we forgot the insufferable feeling comes from summer. We get to enjoy the beauty of summer, which is sunshine, beautiful flowers and the singing birds. Everything is so pleasant for us. We had a perfect day because of the inflatable swimming pool. And we decide to use it every now and then. Now, instead of running away from summer, we embrace it, well, with inflatable swimming pool, of course. Let’s be cool in this summer!

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