Bubble football vs zorb ball, zorb ball vs water ball

Many people are confused about bubble football and zorbing ball, or about zorb ball and water ball, and think they are the same thing with different names. Well, the truth is, neither of those combination is the same product. Here today, allow me to the difference of those three inflatable balls.

Bubble football, zorb ball and water ball are actually share some common grounds. And maybe that’s why people are confused about them. First of all, they are all suitable for adults and children and the exciting fun game to play. Second, they are all made of plastic, which possesses the character of high strength of elasticity and reducing the danger of bumping on the ground to some degree. Third, they are huge inflatable balls, but customizable. They all can be customized to be fitted with adult or children’s size. Fourth, they are transparent, even some of them are colorful, but still be able to see through the ball and know what’s going on outside the ball, which allows them to play games under the perfect condition. Fifth, if you don’t pay much attention to them, they might look the same. Last but not the list, three inflatable balls are often played amongst friends, and perfect for for corporate team building days, stag parties, bachelor parties, and birthdays.

Enough with the similarity, it’s time for the difference. For bubble football vs zorb ball, first of all, bubble football, bumper ball, loopy ball, bubble ball, whatever you call it, they are the same thing. Unlike zorb ball, there is also a football involved for bubble football game. Second, Bubble football is the recreation or sport of playing football whilst encased in an inflated torus, which covers the player’s upper-body and head with only the legs sticking outside of the ball for moving around freely. While for zorb ball, which is also called human hamster ball, player is completely inside the ball. second, ways to play them are different. Bubble football game is bunch of players wearing bubble suit fighting against the possession of football and bumping with each other, while zorb ball is for players inside the ball rolling down the hill.

For zorb ball vs water walking ball. this combination definitely is easy to be confused about. They look so much alike. But still, not the same. First, the water inflatable-zone-body-zorb-large-zorb-zorb-suit-zorb-ball-for-sale-e89ball or water walking ball is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside it to walk across the surface of a body of water. The giant ball is usually two meters in diameter and has a zippered entrance to allow for easy entry and exit. The water ball is similar to the zorb ball, but it has only one layer, while zorb ball is not. Second, ways to play them are different. Unlike zorb ball, water walking ball is designed for water travel rather than down-hill rolling. Last but not the least, players of those two game is a little different. Children would like water walking ball much, and pay less attention to zorb ball which is too excited for children to handle.

Considering the above detailed explanation, I believe there will be a lot confusion about bubble football, zorb ball and Free Shipping,Cheap Zorb Balls For Sale,Inflatable Zorb Sphere,Inflatable Zorb Game.

Inflatable pool- the best way to get through summer

I am a person who rather suffers extreme coldness rather than intense heat. Summer takes too much time in China. It seems that summer would never want to leave and stick with me forever. Just kill me already. Every time when summer comes, I have to figure out some perfect for me to get through hell like that. What’s worse, I sweat a lot when I am outside under intense hot weather. I seldom go out under hot weather unless it is night. And I love sport, but I certainly do not want to do any sweat-a-lot sport. That is a huge dilemma. The perfect sport leaves for me is swimming. I do not own or afford a fancy pool in my backyard, which really bugs me. In order not to drive a long way to the nearest pool, my friend strongly advise me that I can purchase an inflatable pool for home use. How could I not come up with that?

free-shipping-buy-8-8m-inflatable-swimming-pool-for-kids-4d6I immediately search the Internet and compare a few websites and decide to buy a nice quality with my affordable price. It turns out that I made a really wise choice. I did buy a really great inflatable pool which does not smell a lot. As an inflatable product, inflatable pool does save lots of space, especially perfect for someone who own a little house like me. According to instruction and my experience, it requires having it dry after used before I store it in a small space. It is really convenient and does not take me lots of energy for someone who is pretty lazy. What’ s more, it does only take a little time to pump up the pool with the electronic air pump. But nothing is perfect, you do need to patient for filling water into the pool. Well, what’s else can I expect? Everything has a price. But I figure out a perfect way to avoid this. I fill the pool in advance, after I turn on the tap, I do some preparation of alcohol drinks after swimming. When I am done with drinks, water is also filled up the pool.

And here’s my feedback of using inflatable pool. The pool I bought is not long enough for me to swim freely, maybe I should get a longer one, well, after I have more budget. Right now, it still works great for me, only I need to endure the length. Other than that, if I do not use it for swimming, that pool is perfect for a family just soaking in for cooling from the hot weather. I did have a great time after the first use. Later that day, I invited my friends to my house and have a pool party. Everyone kept saying nice thing about the pool.

I am pretty satisfied with the inflatable pool I bought. For me, I can swim in it, which solve my problem of how to exercise without sweating a lot. For my friends I invite to the pool party, we could hang out together and chat for gossip and enjoy the sun without sweating a lot or getting heatstroke. If you use it for family purpose, inflatable pool would be the perfect tool for relationship connection. I strongly advise you to try it out if you have limited budget for regular pool or small backyard.

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